Some Simple Guidelines For Sensible Evening Gowns Plans

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the meeting would take place Jan. 31, and Trump and Pena Nieto are to discuss trade, immigration and security. Pena Nieto's office issued a statement saying the phone conversation happened in the morning. It said he congratulated Trump on his inauguration and expressed willingness to work for the benefit of both countries "with a focus on respect for the sovereignty of both nations and shared responsibility." Pena Nieto also reiterated his interest in maintaining dialogue. A high-level Mexican delegation is scheduled to hold talks with Trump administration officials in Washington Jan. 25-26. Trump has promised to build a wall along the United States' southern border and make Mexico pay for it. He has also threatened some companies with a border tariff on products manufactured in Mexico and exported to the United States. Mexican officials have repeatedly said the country will not pay for a border wall.